About Us

David Burl has been in the logging industry for over 35 years.  His devotion for land clearing began in the early 70’s when he started clearing individual house lots in Southern New Hampshire.  David did all of the tree cutting by hand, operated a small Timberjack skidder and drove his own log truck.  He continued putting his all into his job performance, and in 1985 he earned the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association Award for outstanding logging practices.  After winning his award he continued his excellence in land clearing and grew to become one of the largest operations in Southern NH.  The company is a true family run business with his son, son-in-laws and daughters all working hard to make things run smoothly.

Today, Burl Land Clearing operates a state-wide commercial and residential land clearing and stump grinding business, running 3 tree shearing crews, 4 whole tree-chipping crews and a full scale stumping and grinding operation.  With a fleet of 9 tractor trailers, Burl Land Clearing is able to haul all of its own products.  The wood chip product produced is a principal source of electricity for certain segments of the State of New Hampshire.

The entire operation is fully outfitted with some of the finest tree harvesting equipment on the market today. This allows us to efficiently do business with over 100 regular clients, while continuously taking on new clients covering all of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.