Your Trees May Be Worth Cash! Learn More About Timber Harvesting.

Your Trees May Be Worth Cash!

Did you know that Burl Land Clearing may be interested in purchasing your timber?  That’s right people!  Cold hard cash for your trees.  We are a full scale logging and land clearing operation and we are looking for large properties that are in need of either selective harvesting, timber harvesting clear cutting or a property owner that is interested in making some cash for their trees.  Our professional loggers will come out and inspect your property and if the timber is of the right quality, they will make you an offer.  All you have to do is call the offices today and schedule your free estimate!  We are currently looking for plots of land that are 30+ acres and are in either New Hampshire, Southern Maine or Massachusetts.

What Happens to the Timber with Timber Harvesting?

We get asked this question a lot.  When we harvest a property we are utilizing one of New Hampshire, Maine or Massachusetts most renewable resources!  We have the utmost respect for our environment and its natural resources, and we practice responsible harvesting.  When we harvest a property, every part of the tree gets put to good use.  Nothing goes to waste.  We partner with several area lumber yards and mills for top notch wood.  Anything that cannot go to the mill goes either to firewood for our community or to local power plants as chip stock.

If you own a large acreage lot and are interested in some land clearing, logging, selective cutting or timber harvesting information, please give Karen a call today.  603-645-6011

Burl Land Clearing is a family owned and operated logging business for over 35 years.  Our Team is mature and seasoned and can answer any questions you may have about logging or Timber Harvesting.  We are fully insured and value our customers and clients.